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 Chromaphyo, it's me

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Cantidad de envíos : 4
Fecha de inscripción : 17/04/2011

MensajeTema: Chromaphyo, it's me   Jue Abr 21, 2011 8:41 pm


I'm sorry but I don't speak Spanish language and I write in a very bad english.

I live in Belgium and I breed some Chromaphyosemion, my first passion.
I have bred Aphanius and Valencia, many years ago.
I have observed Aphanius iberus in L'Ampolla (Ebro Delta) in 1983 and I have visited Corfou Island in 1987 where I have seen Aphanius fasciatus and Valencia letourneuxi.

In the 90's, I have bred Aphanius apodus, baeticus, danfordii, mento and darrorensis.

Many thanks for this forum, the blog and the web site (abandoned ?). I read many interesting information.
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Cantidad de envíos : 327
Fecha de inscripción : 04/02/2009

MensajeTema: Re: Chromaphyo, it's me   Jue Abr 21, 2011 9:07 pm


No problem in writing in English or French, even Portuguese Smile we try to make our best.

We are currently working in a new website, this is why not many things have been added lately.

We are a very small group of people as well, so concentrated both in the Delta del Llobregat Project with A. iberus, from which there´s a lot of information both in the website and in the forum, collaboration with the Public Aquarium from Saragossa and also keeping some other endangered species, so after we felt that there was enough info in the website, we concentrated in the other priorities Smile

Very nice to have you around. Feel free to ask or help us with anything!

A bientot,

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Matt Ford


Cantidad de envíos : 182
Localización : Barcelona
Fecha de inscripción : 10/02/2009

MensajeTema: Re: Chromaphyo, it's me   Mar Abr 26, 2011 12:24 pm

Hi and welcome. Smile
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MensajeTema: Re: Chromaphyo, it's me   

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Chromaphyo, it's me
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